little girl gun sketch

I load the gun and point it at the person in front of me. "Children shouldn't play with guns" they comment. "Who said I was playing" I sneer, annoyed.) // those aren't a child's eyes, woah man woah


Guess who's been advising Donald Trump on his picks for the people who will control foreign policy in a Trump administration?

hybrid by on @DeviantArt

veeery random drawing of a hybrid girl her wings are painted with gold watercolor but obviously my scanner killed this effect _ _ _ mediums:.

Liesel Meminger is 9 years old at the beginning of the book. The book tells about her life, from her learning to read, to her bonding with Max, to her surviving the bomb. Liesel is a girl who steals books, she likes to read them. Liesel loves Max and looks up to him like a brother. Liesel and Rudy become best friends and have many adventures together. Liesel ends up living with Ilsa Herman and lives until 90.

Young adult books: Why grownups shouldn't be embarrassed to read them

This is Liesel. Liesel was left with Hans and Rosa Hubermann after her mother had to flee. Liesel is a girl with a starving smile. In the book, Liesel is known as the book thief.

1934- SS Leibstandarte A.H., pin by Paolo Marzioli

The Leibstandarte —Hitler’s Praetorians— in This group didn’t just protect they also went on the offensive.

Nicoletta Ceccoli, A Girl Hides Secrets - Hide and Seek, Corey Helford Gallery

Hide And Seek: Nicoletta Ceccoli’s eerie dreamlike paintings where little girls aren’t as sweet as they appear

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I saw someone talking about flux wings a while

I saw someone talking about flux wings a while back and I thought it was an interesting idea.