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i've watched Crows Zero for about a million times now!what makes Crows Zero so good? Genji Wallpaper, Zero Wallpaper, Japanese Love, Japanese Drama, Genji Crows Zero, I Like Him, Shun Oguri, Brown Hair Men, Cool Mens Haircuts

what do u like most from Crows Zero movie???

i've watched Crows Zero for about a million times now!!! it's just simply great!! anyway..what makes Crows Zero so good?? tell me what do u like most from this movie! n if anybody knows more info abou

Genji | Crows Zero | Oguri Shun Genji Crows Zero, Genji Wallpaper, I Like Him, Shun Oguri, Film Movie, Movies, Japanese Drama, Japanese Artists, Asian Actors


Banana (Alex), Russia, 26, videos, Yusuke Yamamoto and other hot men.

The japanese version is definitely my number one favorite. I would maybe change Akira tho, if I could've. But I think the japanese version of Tsukasa is the only accurate version of him. Japanese Guys, Japanese Drama, Live Action, Inoue Mao, Jun Matsumoto, Shun Oguri, Best Dramas, Jang Hyuk, Picture Story

Hana Yori Dango (花より男子) - Jdrama 2005 - 9 episodes - Inoue Mao / Matsumoto Jun / Oguri Shun / Matsuda Shota / Abe Tsuyoshi

I have to confess that watching Oguri Shun in Rich Man, Poor Woman does things to my ovaries. I Like Him, Hiro Mizushima, Shun Oguri, Great Teacher Onizuka, Japanese Love, Kudo Shinichi, Famous Movies, Voice Actor, Asian Actors

Огури Шун / Oguri Shun - Страница 9 - Фансаб-группа Альянс представляет... русские субтитры к dorama и live-action

Страница 9- Огури Шун / Oguri Shun • Актеры