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幻想的すぎる。。崖の上に咲く桜から空を覆うオーロラまで、美しすぎる写真 - Fantastic Photo -

(Cherry blossoms, Fuji Volcano, Japan) (story inspiration) You said something about volcanos in the fire area, right? So maybe something like this would work. (Possibly minus the cherry blossom tree.

kenema 手ぬぐい イベント ひな祭り 36×家電/生活雑貨

kenema 手ぬぐい イベント ひな祭り 36×家電/生活雑貨


Hina-matsuri(Doll's Festival :March (Japan) Hina-dolls :A set includes dairi-bina (the Emperor and Empress), three kanjo (court ladies), five court musicians, two ministers, and three servants.