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'Rosebud Brooches' by jewelry artist Julia D. Harrison. Wood, lacquer, gauche, epoxy. via Taboo Studios

She also does eye "brooches". These would be a neat way to practice carving eyes or mouths. Could do noses even. 'Rosebud Brooches' by jewelry artist Julia D.

Portrait of woman in kimono.  Hand-colored photo, about 1870’s-180’s, Japan. Image via ookami_dou of Flickr

Handcolored portrait of a japanese woman (around This picture does not have the "exotic" flair like other prints of geisha which were sold to european tourists in the century. On the other hand this was probably not made for the family photo album.

Sekka shibori

This is a unique shape paper fan (Uchiwa). One surface is a hand-dyed work using Sekka Shibori (Snowflake tie-dye) technique. Dyed with natural dye