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Found this amazing looking moth (Chalcosia thaivana owadai) in the city of Taoyuan. I wish I had my macro lens with me at the time.

water lilies.

Water Lilies, Okavango Delta, Botswana by photographer Frans Lanting. Water lilies are among the oldest families of flowering plants living today

Picasso Bug

The Picasso Bug : Shield-backed Bug (Scutelleridae), probably Sphaerocoris annulus

capped heron (Pilherodius pileatus)   garcilla peinada  christian sanchez photography

Capped Heron (Pilherodius pileatus) is a species of heron in the family Ardeidae. It is found in much of South America. Its natural habitats are rivers, swamps, and freshwater lakes. Photo by Christian Sanchez

coccoon | Cocoon - Butterfly - Monarch

Cocoon - lesbian Butterfly - Monarch One of our happiest memories.watching the lesbian monarchs hatch

One of the most beautiful moths in the world, the Comet moth or Madagascan Moon Moth, is named after its long red 'tails'. There are a number of moon moths with tails varying in length from mere stubs to long streamers. Biologists now think that those with the longest tails such as this species have evolved more recently than those with shorter tails. The Comet Moth is still fairly common in its native Madagascar.

Comet moth, Argema mittrei, one of the most beautiful moths in the world. The Comet moth or Madagascan Moon Moth, is named after its long red 'tails'.

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Halloween Gecko

Three sizes are available…one will be perfect for even the largest chameleons, crested geckos, gargoyle geckos and other tree-dwelling animals.