SINGULAR Fresh Juice packaging concept designed by Nikita Ivanov -

SINGULAR Fresh Juice (Concept)


Coffee packaging for Coffee Sunlight, Tokyo. Illustration by Keiko Shibata. So what if coffee was a wedding favor? With some kind of cute illustration.

Imayu Tsukasa's Nishikigoi Sake is bottled and packaged to look like Koi (or carp). Designed by Bullet Inc of Japan. 2016 IF Design Award winner.

The western world is really lacking when it comes to sake, maybe my store could sell sake on top of all the other popular beverages? Could that be my point of difference?

Nice design inspiration for organic lovers

Branding Inspiration: Puree Organics by Studioahamed

インバウンド向けに国際線発着空港で販売※1 厳選した地元食材が堪能できる <ご当地みやげポッキー>新製品3種類 2016年2月2日から地域限定で発売開始! | グリコ

4 Japanese Candies and Snacks, Official Souvenirs of the 2016 Ise-Shima Summit