I could just see this in the den . . . Jake hiding under the "eggs" and scaring the crap out of me :P

15 plus 10 Unique Furniture Design Ideas, Designer Furniture for Modern Interiors

Giant bird’s nest couch with egg pillows - designer furniture for modern interior decorating - unique furniture, weird furniture

OMG I Need to make one!!!! Artist: Pao

Discover the greatest upcycled products and post what inspires you. Apparently this chair is to be found in a waiting room of a dentist's office. I think it looks like a copy of the album cover for The Court of the

Ribbon Rocking Chair

Large Sculptural Ribbon Rocking Chair

Curvy! Martz Edition wooden Contemporary furniture, contemporary #homes, contemporary décor, de signer furniture, modern décor, modern ideas, home furniture, #luxuryfurniture, high end #furniture. For more home decor ideas visit www.bocadolobo.com

This is a modern and contemporary chair design called Martz Edition. This chair has original design in flowing and continuos shape, wrapping your body in

座椅子 食パン: ソファ・座椅子・クッション - 【ニトリ】公式通販 家具・インテリア通販のニトリネット

Bread is the chair of Fukkafuka directly? "Release form bread chair seat" Nitori is


Japanese apartment kitchens can be small. Here are some inexpensive ways to organize your Japanese apartment kitchen to maximize the space.

egg chairs!

Le Nid (The Nest) - a bar in Nantes, France - i want to go here want an egg table/chairs set for my breakfast nook!

『EXOCET CHAIR』は、用途に応じて姿を変える賢い家具です。 中央部の大きなシリンダーを軸に回転するこちら。ポジショニングによって様々なタイプの椅子に変身するのがユニークですね。 椅子を複数持てないひとり暮らしの方などに良いかも?(via CONTEMPORIST)

ダイナミックに回転してロッキングチェアやベンチに変化する椅子【EXOCET CHAIR

『EXOCET CHAIR』は、用途に応じて姿を変える賢い家具です。 中央部の大きなシリンダーを軸に回転するこちら。ポジショニングによって様々なタイプの椅子に変身するのがユニークですね。 椅子を複数持てないひとり暮らしの方などに良いかも?(via CONTEMPORIST)

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