plumen 002 light bulb by hulger

From the creators of the Plumen the world's first designer low energy lightbulb, the Plumen 002 uses less than.

Philips has unveiled SlimStyle – a revolutionary new flattened A19 LED light bulb that Edison would be proud of.

Philips Unveils Innovative $10 Pancake-Shaped SlimStyle LED Light Bulb

Philips has just transformed the LED bulb market with its new pancake bulb, the SlimStyle. At half the price, it's the newest and most stylish LED bulb on the market.

GE Lighting 16775 60-Watt Halogen Faceted Vanity Globe G25 Light Bulb, 1-Pack -

GE Lighting 16774 Halogen Faceted Vanity Light Bulb, Light Bulb Rated Life of 2 year life based on usage per day 520 lumens providing subtle, reassuring light soft white light appearance for use in vanity strips

Eric Therner | Diamond Lights

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Light Bulb

Created by Swedish graphic designer Eric Therner, Diamond Lights challenge the typical smooth pear shaped bulb in favor of something faceted, exuding both comfort and intrigue.

Tube Lighting

“Maker-Futurist” Carla Diana is also an educator, designer, author with a particular passion for smart objects and the Internet of Things. You can grab her LEO the Maker Prince: Journey…

LED's replacing fluorescents while maintaining their form factor

RAISE Energy's new LED replacement tubes can be placed into an existing fluorescent fixture without removing the ballast. Could this be a game-changer for LED adoption?

Cree LED bulb

Crony capitalism has become the main tool used by politicians to raise money and buy votes. Cree LED is the bulb crony capitalism built.

Wooden LED bulb by Ryosuke Fukusada

A wooden light bulb lamp by product and industrial designer Ryosuke Fukusada. The LED device is wrapped by a wafer-thin wooden shell.

Maria and Igor Solovyovs

Bizarre Lighting - Any homeowner looking to infuse some abstract touches into their home decor should look no further, because these bizarre lighting solutions will d.