B Hotels: Eggs

Designing with Humor: 50 Hilarious Advertising Designs To Teach You How – Design School

Park Avenue Shaving Razor: A cooling effect

Park Avenue Shaving Razor: A cooling effect Advertising Agency: Publicis Communications, Mumbai, India

Unicef Child Abuse Prevention: Costume

Hat off to Ogilvy & Mather Chile for Unicef Child Abuse Prevention: Costume

Cruz Roja Colombiana: Sam-Antha

Cruz Roja Colombiana - Sam-Antha, "One life saves another one.

Fantastic Delites: How far would you go

‘Delite-o-matic’: How far would you go for a free vending machine snack? Certainly worth a watch . and if you in marketing . Rather a good idea!

Colgate Total Dental Floss: Photoshop Disasters, 1

Colgate Total Dental Floss Photoshop Disasters: Not even that six-fingered hand gets more attention than mouth without care

JVC: Choose Later, Playground

GOLD: Jvc By Draftfcb Brasil São Paulo, Brazil (Won Two Gold Lions “Billboards & Street Furniture” and “Posters”)

San Francisco SPCA: Bjorn

Print advertisment created by United States for SPCA, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Operation Smile: Sally Monkey

Sally doesn't like her face and hides it in a peculiar place. Right below her monkey hair. So, when people have to stare her furry friend will catch their gaze and trap it in a monkey maze.

Fox Movies: Scary Movie 4

Fox Movies - By tearing out the promotional ads that split movies scenes in two, we demonstrated the benefit of break-free movies - Scary Movie 4