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Homemade Air Freshener That Smells Like Christmas

Make this homemade air freshener that smells like Christmas the whole holiday season! Made with 4 ingredients! includes orange peels, cinnamon, cloves and water.

6 Easy Stovetop Potpourri Recipes For Every Season

Easy stovetop potpourri recipes for fall, winter, Christmas, spring, summertime or any time of year! Excellent gift ideas!

🎀Clean Baseboards With Scrubbing Bubbles, Won't Remove The Paint🎀

If the stench of bleach fries your nose for days:

This works for sheets and pillows, too. From Web 4 Retail.

Vanilla Uses – WWII Series

Picture by: JackRabbit This weeks WWII post is all about vanilla. One of my favorite uses, other than baking, is the one where it is used as a perfume. When we were coming up with this weeks list my mom told me that when she was little my grandma would use it as a perfume. To this day my mom always associates the smell of vanilla with my grandma. In addition, you can use vanilla to wipe down the inside of your microwave to eliminate any smells. I would love to hear any special ways that you…

The Beginner's Guide to Making Non-Toxic Household Cleaners

Take a look under your kitchen sink and how many bottles, boxes, and sprays of cleaning 'stuff'? Three? Five? Ten? Just for the fun of it, I actually did this last year when I finally decided to get serious about using greener household cleaners and I counted 9 different products under my sink! Read on to find out how I'm replacing each of these products, one by one.

How To Get rid Of Those Arm Pit Stains

How To Get rid Of Those Arm Pit Stains Please don't forget to like. If your going to save then please remember to like, if your out of likes then hit the share button👍 Don't forget to view my other tips and follow. Thanks


Creosote Shower Bundles