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Master the Back light, great tips for pictures inside

Sue Bryce Portrait | Los Angeles

Metering modes explained and how to know which one to use by Amy Kolodziej

Metering modes explained and how to know which one to use

Most of today’s cameras have three different metering modes: matrix (evaluative), center-weighted, and spot. Some also have a highlight-weighted mode.

Photography Tutorial, External Flash Tutorial: Learn what a speed light (external flash unit) does, why you might want one, and tips for getting the best results.

Why you might want an external flash... — LIVE SNAP LOVE

Anyone else noticing how dark it's getting? Winter is on it's way! As much as I love the dark evenings for a new host of shooting opportunities, one of the things I picked up last year that I had been hankering after for ages was a Canon Speedlite to help with my indoor pictures

Lens Hoods - When, Why and How to Use Them

Lens Hoods - When, Why and How to Use Them

In this tutorial I will explain what lens hoods are,, as well as when, why (and how) you should use a lens hood to achieve a better image!

8 Low Light Photography Tips *Great tips for shooting photos in dark situations

How to Salvage Your DARK PHOTOS

Don't delete those pictures! READ THIS QUICK FIX →

5 tips for shooting sunflare

5 Killer Ways to Shoot Into the Sun and Get Beautiful Flare - MCPActions

Check out MCPActions' blog post on the 5 Killer Ways to Shoot Into the Sun and Get Beautiful Flare. Click to read more and learn about these steps!

How to take photos in the falling snow. Photo Tips!

Snowy Photo Tips

Ok so I've had people ask me to start doing photography tutorials. I don't ever do these, but I hope it helps you. I thought it would be appropriate to do a Holiday festive tutorial on how to take photos in the falling snow like this! First off, I have my daughter who is my beautiful subject, who's playing in the snow. I kept her in what she was wearing to kind of pop out in the snow, so she has her bright red P.J's on, but I also loved her lighter fur hooded jacket that I think went well…

How to light a wedding reception using flash - Camera flash light

How to photography people with glasses.

Photographing People in Glasses

By Jodi Friedman, MCP Photoshop Actions (Photos used in this tutorial were edited with either the new MCP Fusion Actions or the FREE MCP Mini Fusion Photoshop action, that you can download here or …

4 Tips for Effective Lighting Using Only One Speedlight

If the idea of incorporating flash into your photography work strikes fear in your heart, this is a must read article for you! The ability to use a portable electronic flash can do wonders for your work by giving you more creative options, and the truth is you don’t need a ton of fancy equipment to […]

FSTOP  1 person = F/1.4 +  2 people = F/1.8 +  3 people = f/2.0 - f/2.8+  4 people (family session, bridal party, etc.) = f/2.8+  5+ people = f/3.2, f/3.5, f/4.0 +

Tips for photographers // Camera settings for group photos

One thing we get asked a lot is, "What are the best camera settings for group photos?" or "What's the best way to take group shots?" We've a...

Metering: A Photography Tutorial


Metering: A Photography Tutorial

How to Create Better Indoor Portraits by Bouncing Your Flash {Flash Photography Tips} | I Heart Faces

Photography Tutorials and Photo Tips | Creative Inspiration

Looking for Photography Tutorials? Find great photography tutorials and creative inspiration. Thank you for reading the I Heart Faces Photography Blog!

Adobe Lightroom Tutorial (a.k.a. my dirty little secret)

Adobe Lightroom Tutorial (a.k.a. my dirty little secret)

I’ve published a new Lightroom 4 Tutorial that covers all the new features in their latest release. I have a confession to make… I’m actually a terrible photographer. I honestly can’t be bothered fiddling with stuff like manual focus, white balance and even a proper exposure, especially when photographing my dinner which is getting cold

Make Your Backlit Images Pop in Lightroom | Pretty Presets for Lightroom

How to Edit Backlit Photos in Lightroom & Make Them Pop!

Backlit photos are beautiful, however are often hazy and have low contrast. In this tutorial I will show you some simple Lightroom edits to really make your backlit images POP!

Depth of Field: it's more than just aperture | Boost Your Photography

Depth of Field: it's more than just aperture

Depth of field refers to the area of your photograph that is in focus. Depth of field can vary from having a very thin sliver of your subject in-focus to a very expansive focus that covers everything in your entire photograph. Many photographers understand that aperture affects the depth of field in your image, but there are other important considerations as well. Join in! Depth of field is this week's topic for the Boost Your Photography: 52 Weeks Challenge. Depth of Field and Aperture Yes…