Bullion knot crash course #bullion_stitch, #bullion_knot_tutorial, #bullion_knot_rose_tutorial

Bullion knot crash course

Can't get the bullion knot right? Read this post to know which needle you need to use, an alternative (and easier) way to work bullion knot and the possible mistakes you might be making.

Jo Butcher, Embroidery Artist - Rose Heart

Jo Butcher, Embroidery Artist - Rose Heart <-- looks like single chain stitch, colonial knots, and bullion knot rose

[月と星の王女] × [@zarratsuki]

delicate embroidery, Grandma J's home filled with beautiful hand sewing & stitchery. "Mary Francis" always surrounded herself with beautiful handmade things. I beleive my sister inherited that trait of needlework & immagination from her.

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