The Heian Era, and modern adaptations, are a big source of inspiration to me. Something about full pants and long jackets---Hana

“Painted Skin : The Resurrection” - Huà Pí which the story is estimated to be set during the early Chinese Han Dynasty BC – 220 AD). Longs sleeves were as common on the hanfu than they were on the kimono.

舞妓 maiko 勝奈 katsuna 上七軒 KYOTO JAPAN. This image reminds me of when I used to have a pretty thing like that the geysha is holding. I'm just realising I used to secretly love Japan anyway #proud.

oiran-geisha: “Maiko Katsuna for scillsthrills ♥ (Source) ” …

Vestidos de novia atrevidos Krikor Jabotian - Amazing wedding gowns by Krikor Jabotian

Very full layered, ruffled skirt on gorgeous high fashion bridal gown. This is by famous bridal gown designer Krikor Jabotian Couture, 2014



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