Autumn in Kyoto, Japan

Yahoo! JAPANのメールサービス。大容量のメールボックスや、迷惑メール対策機能を用意。パソコンやスマートフォン、携帯電話でも便利に使えるヤフーメール(無料)です。

All that lush tea isn't TECHNICALLY a pattern, but it's making us think in matsuri (festival) type ways.

よみうり風景写真コンテスト2013 … もっと見る もっと見る

UCHIKAKE the Another Wedding Kimono. This beautiful UCHUKAKE is usually brocaded or embroidered with the motif of congratulations such as cranes, pines, and a bounty of flowers. It is believed that UCHIKAKE started to be worn by the high-class samurai family women in the Muromachi era (1336–1573). During the Edo era (1603–1868), UCHIKAKE became a more common kimono for the high-class women like the oiran in Yoshiwara, and since then it has been recognized as a wedding kimono.


These were a favorite gift of our family and friends back in the US ... From hand blown glass to cast brass, the sound of one or many stirs up such fond memories. One special chime adorns the drawer pull of an end table - the brass samurai helmet is the perfect height for our Sheltie, Miko, to ring. Just below is a shrine to her brother, Kota, who passed in 2011. Miko often rings the bell and sits/lays with a toy for a moment as if paying homage. Tis sad, but a beautiful tribute! Miss you…


Japanese summer wind chimes


Japanese room, Washitsu 和室 I feel calmness just looking at this photo. Imagine if this were your everyday view! © Cheryl Kellar

シンメトリー。かっこいい。 thekimonogallery: “ Japanese room, Washitsu 和室 ”

Some calming green for your eyes.  Ruriko-in Temple, Kyoto, Japan #緑 #green #Kyoto

Rurikoin, Kyoto, Japan 芸術的なうつくしさです。 もっと見る

Living Still Life <3  (Washitsu - 和室 - Japanese room) (Meigetsu-in - 明月院) in Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan


Meigetsuin, Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan

Meigetsuin Temple in Kamakura,鎌倉 明月院 もっと見る

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Yahoo! JAPANのメールサービス。大容量のメールボックスや、迷惑メール対策機能を用意。パソコンやスマートフォン、携帯電話でも便利に使えるヤフーメール(無料)です。

Kamigamo shrine in snow, Kyoto  #shirine #winterinjapan

2011-01-16 - 92san-photo album 京都の四季 もっと見る

Temple Entry, Japan

mstrkrftz: DSC_7967-普安堂 | 阿新大師兄 -