Vintage Japanese Matchbox Art

vintage matchbox label: matchbox label from Japan, circa 1910 (fish on stick)

Vintage Japanese Matchbox Label

vintage matchbox label: vintage Japanese matchbox label 1909 - The Blue Bird Fabric covered books "Yami to Hikari" by Mikihiko Nagata, almos.


vintage japanese ad From JJ: again, sort of a play on the city skyline. I like the starry background.feels retro Vegas like

Vintage Japanese Matchbox label

Vintage Japanese Matchbox label - I am obsessed with the whole style of vintage matchbox label. I just love the detail and color in such a small space.

季刊フィルム No.6 作家インタヴュー/ゴダール/フェリーニ/アントニオーニ

季刊フィルム No.6 作家インタヴュー/ゴダール/フェリーニ/アントニオーニ