The cut of this skirt is beautiful and it's in a really flattering blue. That top isn't half bad either.


Finishing touches: Victoria added a pair of leather ankle boots, a chunky silver watch and a pair of shades



Fashion & Style Inspiration: Casual Yet Elegant - High Waist Dark Blue Denim And Beige Knitted Top.

Tait Hughes Geijer

【Twinks in the World White Blonde Prince Male Model Tight Hughes · Geiger 【Prince Type】 - NAVER Conclusion

アレッサンドラはChloe(クロエ)ウエッジサンダルにKymerah(キメラ)マキシスカート!・最新私服ファッション画像!Alessandra Ambrosio(アレッサンドラ・アンブロシオ) - セレブカジュアルドットコム

Alessandra Ambrosio Photos - Alessandra Ambrosio, wearing an orange sleeveless top and flowing tan skirt, grabs lunch with a friend in Los Angeles. - Alessandra Ambrosio Grabs Lunch With a Friend

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「 Maki's wardrobe 」の画像|田丸麻紀オフィシャルブログ Powered by Ameba|Ameba (アメーバ)

「 Maki's wardrobe 」の画像|田丸麻紀オフィシャルブログ Powered by Ameba|Ameba (アメーバ)