Layering text and images gives instant dimension and interest to your photos. Learn how to get your message across with this eye-catching look.

How to Layer Text and Images

I like the use of layering text and turning the image sideways. It gives the feel that the text is colliding in with the background

Photo Illustration #9 The white on the blue sheets provides a unique angle and takes something that would not normally be looked at in that way.


Dribbble - dashboard_dark.jpg by Sergey Azovskiy

Dashboard dark NS: Interesting departure from greyscale backing, wouldn't be to everyone's taste but it's still implemented tastefully. Less so some of the gradiented colours


Packlane is a place where you can put your designs on the octagons ! 👀👀👀🤓🤓💃🏼💃🏼😊😍 - Kindo — The Dieline - Branding & Packaging

今日のフライヤー | グラフィックデザイン集

Poster Round Up — Sundance Film Festival Cool poster design. Me would love to design a gig poster every now and then.

株式会社KADOKAWA/総合職(編集系・営業系・事務サポート系)の求人PR - 転職ならDODA(デューダ)

株式会社KADOKAWA/総合職(編集系・営業系・事務サポート系)の求人PR - 転職ならDODA(デューダ)