Japanese Fashion - Kimono

Japanese Fashion - Kimono- NOTE THE SHAPE especially the layering at the v-neck with thin silks and the petal furling of the robe and skirt. Also, sleeves add an interesting scarf/shawl/wrap dimension and could move interestingly.

蒼井優, Yu Aoi

styling the kimono Japanese actress Aoi Yu knows how to dress, and is especially good at wearing kimonos. Her kimono patterns in the TV show.

Hakama (袴) that usually worn by woman at graduation ceremony

ichinitsuite: “ “ Hakama (袴) that usually worn by woman at graduation ceremony ” images sources: (x) (x) ”

Adorable yukata

Cuteness I cannot resist, though I’d never wear such a yukata :)

Street of Harajuku, Tokyo

ストリートスナップ原宿 - 街子さん

Not too fond of the hat or the corset sleeves, but everything else is crazy on-point.


Kimono sleeves fall here in a way which could be mimiced in a kimono sleeve cascade off an obi - like cornice board. The Kimono Gallery


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