Adding shelves above clothing racks is basically like having a closet without doors. #nocloset #tinycloset

Small space closet ideas from our organizing experts. Clever storage solutions and stylish closet alternatives for small spaces. Get creative and add both storage and style to even the smallest space. For more closet ideas go to Domino.

f-ashionfreaks: more here xx (via )

f-ashionfreaks: more here xx (She danced all night...)

Black and white wardrobe rack

Capsule wardrobe- wear- outfitted- black and grey

Kyoko Kikuchi's Closet

Camel coat and loose fit jeans

Kyoko Kikuchi's Closet

Cozy + chic autumnal look

Kyoko Kikuchi's Closet

my Dior trench + black jeans - need another white shirt

VC 780ライン入りローウエストギャザーOP

voile--Dresses by Veritecoeur

awesome clothing rack and light... actually had something similar in my rook way back when i still lived with my parents...

awesome clothing rack and light. actually had something similar in my rook way back when i still lived with my parents.

20120622_061657.jpg 500×750ピクセル

Kyoko Kikuchi's Closet - mini LL Bean tote

スタイリング詳細|Kyoko Kikuchi's Closet|菊池京子のクローゼット

Change White shirt to some color or pattern

Amsterdam home of Desiree Groenendal of Vosgesparis

Home Tour: High Contrast in Amsterdam

black and white bedroom , i like the clothes hanger idea

all black everything

The most awesome images on the Internet

my "fashion wardrobe" ♥ what i wear 5 days out of the week ♥ of the same top and pants hang in my closet ♥ plus shoes ♥ hence my little black closet ♥ ♥ ♥

Kyoko Kikuchi's Closet

all black + camel scarf + simple gold jewelry + leopard flats


blue button-up + black pencil skirt + loafers + black sweater

How many clothes you use in a day? Do you need so many clothes? Maybe you can use the space free in your closet and life, to do something worthy.

suspended clothes rack

New bedroom - coat rack project {inspired by Paris}