From June to September, Kibune's restaurants build covered platforms out over the river where visitors can enjoy a meal as the water flows beneath them. Known as kawadoko, dining on the platforms is a relaxing experience and an excellent way to escape the summer heat. Photograph by Michelle Wiese

Kibune restaurant in Kyoto, Japan: customers eating during the summer outside on traditional tatami mats, called Kawadoko. If you come to Kyoto from June to September, this looks like a fun experience.


House on the Rock (Malaysia)! Noteworthy in this building that the reach of this House can only be with the neighboring rocks, built specially for this lift.

Japanese Umbrellas

~~hiroshima umbrellas ~ umbrellas floating peacefully on the river to honor the victims of hiroshima by manthatcooks~~






角島/日本, Japan

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Otorii Gate, Miyajima (Shrine Island), near Hiroshima, Japan

Otorii Gate, Miyajima (Shrine Island), near Hiroshima, Japan. I have been here and it is a beautiful place!