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normcore style

The Essential Pieces: Flat, chunky sandals with thick straps (snaps all around if you incorporate socks!), usually paired with a much fancier outfit. Consider it "normcore lite": getting dressed up is acceptable if you counter it with orthopedic shoes.

Normcore is an anti-fashion trend that is primarily defined by “dressing like your dad” Your humble writer is not a subscriber to Normcore, I love a good pair of silk printed pants paired with a fashion T-shirt just as much as the next girl. But in defense of Normcore I must say it has a bit of escapism. It is an escape for some from the clamor and noise that is the constant fashion cycle. Let us know what you think of this brand new trend! #ShopCamp #CampCollection

The 'Normcore' Fashion Trend: Because Dressing Like Jerry Seinfeld In The Is The Cool Thing To Do (Photos)