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Zen White Garden - White Orchids & Succulents - A long lasting modern and unique arrangement of green dianthus, succulents and white phalaenopsis orchids

Grass Roses, Rose Floral, Floral Design, Art Floral, Flower Arrangements, Black Roses

Classic elegance - Bear grass, roses and aspidistra leaves elegantly arranged on pedestal dish.


Decorating Japanese Historical Lodging w/ Ikebana by Mai Wakisaka Photography

Ikebana Asian style flower arrangement 青梅雨-

Ikebana Asian style flower arrangement by Atsushi:

Allium giganteum, Anthurium, Eustoma, Dracaena, Grape, Steel grass

Gray bridesmaids dresses Petal power: a bouquet of fresh white peonies Centerpieces. such lovely colors flower arrangement, Allium giganteum.


Allium and Calla Lily centerpiece.

Toshiro Kawase

Toshiro Kawase flower a day


art of japanes flower arrangement

Fresh Flower Arranging お正月準備始めました♡|フローラルニューヨーク・大塚智香子のスタイルのある暮らし|25ansオンライン


Floral New York Style

花=金柑(キンカン)kumquat (Fortunella spp.) 一日一花 One Flower a Day – 川瀬敏郎 Kawase Toshiro

Ikebana by Toshiro Kawase, Japan

ikebana by Toshiro Kawase, Japan

The Beginning Of Simplicity - Ikebana by Toshiro Kawase

Lotus.....Beautiful                                                                                                                                                                                 もっと見る                                                                                                                                                                                 もっと見る

Beautiful white lotus in a sea of green & photo: Duong Quoc Dinh on

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modern tropical wedding flowers For your luxury holiday, tropical wedding or honeymoon

Fresh Flower Arranging


Fresh Flower Arranging