lego room ideas.

The perfect way to display your lego minifigs collection! Instead of wall put in picture frame glue blocks to glass and have labels for each one in the frame for character and group or batman, Star Wars, ect. Perfect for little boys.

flower nails by Masaharu Ono

flower nails by Masaharu Ono. I SO wish we could buy these in the UK. (If anyone knows where to get these here in Great Britain, please let me know by leaving a comment telling me where I can buy these. Many thanks ~ the little gingerbread house.


Vintage-Inspired Anime Art - These James Bacon Miyazaki Movie Posters are Manga Magnificent (GALLERY)

Nendo Climbing Wall

Super stylish rock climbing wall designed by Nendo for Illoiha fitness center located in Omotesando, Japan. The concept behind this climbing wall is “becoming beautiful through movement”, which.

birthday cake by robot•jumping•rope on Flickr.

Adorable Owl Cake - Carrot cake with buttermilk-cream cheese frosting. love this cake Baby Shower cake

Must have been late afternoon.

amazing shadow art by artists Kumi Yamashita and Tim Noble + Sue Webster

parrot photography

Parrot in flight. Taken by famed fashion photographer Solve Sundsbo, c.

ひびのこづえ WEB SITE -プロダクト-

ひびのこづえ WEB SITE -プロダクト-



2011・7 山椒にて二人展

2011・7 山椒にて二人展