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30 of the Best Historical Fiction Books Everyone Should Read

You’ll love this list of some of the best historical fiction books to read, including historical series, epic novels, and popular historical fiction books.

6 Exciting World War II Novels Coming This Spring

Featuring stories of heartbreak, heroism, and the indomitable human spirit.

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The upcoming 2021 new book releases won't disappoint, and I'm sharing the ones that I am most excited about -- and think TUL readers will love, too.

Hottest New World War 2 Releases in 2020

Discover 12 most anticipated upcoming 2020 World War 2 book releases from January until June. These exciting new WWII novels will take you back in time.

Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge - Jewish Film Festivals

Follows the famous physicist and chemist Marie Curie and her struggle for recognition in the male-dominated science community in early 20th century France.

Upcoming 2021 WW2 Book Releases

What are some of TUL's most-anticipated 2021 World War 2 book releases? We are sharing our top 10, including WW2 historical fiction, romance, and biographical

31 of the Best New Books You Should Read This Spring

Brenda Janowitz is the POPSUGAR books correspondent. She is the author of five novels, including The Dinner Party. Sick of the cold? Yeah, we are too. Who's

Historical Fiction That's Not World War II

Don’t get me wrong! I love World War II Historical Fiction! It’s just, there is so much more to history than WWII...

5 Books to Get You Through the Winter - Book Review - Hasty Book List

5 Books to Get You Through the Winter Even though I grew up in the midwest and have lived my entire life in the midwest, I still haven't gotten used to the cold and I hate driving in the snow. My point is, I'm over winter. I'm counting down the days until summer...when I can take long walks with my

10 World War II Novels You Might’ve Missed This Summer

Looking for a gripping historical fiction novel to read? We've rounded up this summer's 10 best WWII historical fiction books that you might have missed.

Guernsey Evacuees: The Forgotten Evacuees of Second World War by Gillian Mawson

GUERNSEY EVACUEES: THE FORGOTTEN EVACUEES OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR by Gillian Mawson In May 2008 when I discovered that over 17,000 Guernsey evacuees had arrived in England in June 1940, just before…

The Lions of Fifth Avenue

About The Lions of Fifth Avenue A Good Morning America Book Club Pick and a New York Times bestseller ! “A page-turner for booklovers everywhere! . . . A story of family ties, their lost dreams, and the redemption that comes from discovering truth.”—Adriana Trigiani, bestselling author of The Shoemaker’s Wife In New York Times bestselling author Fiona Davis’s latest historical novel, a series of book thefts roils the iconic New York Public Library, leaving two generations of…

As Bright as Heaven

About As Bright as Heaven From the acclaimed author of The Last Year of the War comes a novel set during the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, telling the story of a family reborn through loss and love. In 1918, Philadelphia was a city teeming with promise. Even as its young men went off to fight in the Great War, there were opportunities for a fresh start on its cobblestone streets. Into this bustling town, came Pauline Bright and her husband, filled with hope that they could now give their…

The French Photographer: Book Review

The French Photographer is the latest novel by Natasha Lester, the bestselling author of The Seamstress. The French Photographer is set in war torn 1941