Little paw prints

Kitty paw prints in snow - "Your life lies before you like a path of driven snow; be careful how you tread it, because every mark will show.

cat gathering for heater or aircon?

Cat gathering for heater or aircon? No, silly, that's just the only "box" in the room (and you know cats and boxes).

Kitty gets the idea: Hugs to my friends, our pets, our heating pads, pain pills, and the few pain-free days we get to enjoy!

No me calienta nada, ,,,

Kitty & a kerosene stove ♡ (which are somewhat common in Japan when the weather gets colder) 😌 I just liked the photo!


"If I fits I sits".no kitty, you don't want to fits there.

In the summer time......

Meet the Instagram Sensation Omar, The World Longest Cat

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