Flatpack chair

Christian Desile Folding Chair - The Desile Folding Chair is the perfect seat to triumph over shrinking modern storage issues. Designer Christian Desile is the mastermind behind th.

Funazushi (Masahiro Minami, a package design of “Funazushi” which is a traditional food in Shiga prefecture of Japan. The packaging looks like fish net and scales, and the handle is shaped like a fin.

Tresdon, by design firm Icon Packaging. A wine package that transforms from in-store display to carry home packaging to reusable wine rack. In most cases today, wine is shipped in boxes with loads of styrofoam pellets as protection for the bottles.

30 Bizarre and Creative Packaging Design Examples

a funny way to close a box

DIY, origami, handmade, CD Box Craft paper : nice to pack a set of handmade coasters

Funny paper cubby house from Urban Baby

Gender-neutral gifts - our top five for preschoolers

Reusable light bulb packaging can transform into a lamp shade.

The packaging of the Lemnis lightbulb can be reused and transformed into a lampshade.

Packaging Geography. Laser Carved Topographic State Magnets Are Beautifully Presented In Unique Package Design.

alisonkatecarter: “ Topography of America State Magnets Packaging created as a collaboration project between Bureau of Betterment and Fifty-Four Forty. “The packaging project was a collaboration.

Chalkboard Tags with Jute Twine and Chalk

8 Chalkboard Tags with Jute Twine and Chalk Included - Wood Chalkboard Tag

Stay Coasters Hibiscus Set of 6 design inspiration on Fab.

White Wine Coaster Set Hibiscus