BECKI OWENS- Styling Tip: Adding Greenery with Succulents + Succulent Plant Guide

Let’s talk about Indoor Plants. I will admit that I have had many a challenges with keeping them alive…from the Ficus Tree that I brought into the bathroom every time I took a shower so it can feel like it was in the Tropics…to the Countless Zebra Plants

Tips on keeping indoor plants alive

The easiest, and prettiest, house plants to keep alive. These are so great for if you are like me and can't take care of plants to save your life but love the liveliness plants bring to a living space.

Let your indoor jungalow grow!

The Beginner’s Guide to Trendy Indoor Plants

Large Indoor Plants for Interior Landscaping by Plantscape Inc.

18 ways to use plants to make your home look LOVELY

Now I have the listing for plants to have in the sunroom aka botanist room! Large Indoor Plants for Interior Landscaping by Plantscape Inc.

The plant matter that matters. These may be potentially harmful to your pets earthlings.

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. List of pet-friendly and toxic plants to pets, pet friendly plants, toxic plants for pets, indoor plants


Quick Woodtexture Walkthrough by nathie although a painting technique it would work just as well when creating the wood look in miniatures

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SKETCHBOOK-Sketches on Behance Clear & Economical use of contour line. Smart use of white chalk & simple hatching to indicate form


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今回は外観パースの点景です。 樹木・車・人の描き方を練習した後、実際にパースの中に これらの点景を描き込みました。 こちらは水彩絵の具での、壁・...

今回は外観パースの点景です。 樹木・車・人の描き方を練習した後、実際にパースの中に これらの点景を描き込みました。 こちらは水彩絵の具での、壁・...