ITO Jakuchu (1716~1800), Japan

pmikos: “ From Wikipedia: Itō Jakuchū (伊藤 若冲?, was a Japanese painter of the mid-Edo period when Japan had closed its doors to the outside world. Many of his paintings concern traditionally.

伊藤若冲  Jakuchu Ito『向日葵雄鶏図』(ひまわりゆうけいず)

Itō Jakuchū (Japan, - Rooster, 1759 (from "Colorful Realm of Living…

南天雄鶏図/伊藤若冲(Jyakuchu Ito)

伊藤若冲 Ito Jakuchu 動植綵絵 colorful realm: japanese bird-and-flower paintings by itō jakuchū 南天雄鶏図 Nanten Yukei-zu (Nandina and Rooster)

伊藤若冲『紅菊(べにぎく)』-「花卉図天井画」Jakuchu Ito

Artist Ito Jakuchu Japanese Woodblock Print Name Beni Kiku (Red Chrysanthemum) Approx Image Size Height cm x Width cm (H