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北海道の先住民族から生まれた文化。アイヌ文様が美しい伝統工芸品の数々 | CRASIA(クラシア)

北海道の先住民族から生まれた文化。アイヌ文様が美しい伝統工芸品の数々 | CRASIA(クラシア)

山王祭、祭/Sannou Matsuri Beauties

Miko are women in the service of Shinto shrines (at the biennial Sanno Festival in Tokyo).The translation of Miko is “Woman of God” (chosen by, or totally devoted to, the gods), but the closest meaning is “shrine m


Fox Wedding 狐の嫁入り Actually the term Kitsune no Yomeiri [狐の嫁入り] refers to the occurrence of rain occurring during brilliant sunshine, which is said to occur a fox bride is going through the woods to the house of her fox groom.