Baby hippos, hedgehogs, rats, octopuses, foxes: 20 unbelievably cute and unusual baby animals that will make you go 'squeee!'

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MINOTTI ADV 2012 2013 - Federico Cedrone - Photographer

Living area - monumentality of the room but with deeply comfortable and inviting furniture, also the drapery is sleek and modern (MINOTTI ADV 2012 2013 - Federico Cedrone - Photographer)


I don't know about you, but I happen to absolutely love me some floor cushions! Additional seating is important regardless of the size of your home, and floor cushions may…

Baby squirrel!

- Rescued and Rehabilitated a baby squirrel. Then released to the Wildlife Rescue center :) Miss you squeekers!<-- that is not a squirrel that is a little fluffy ball of happiness and all that is good and pure in the world ^.


オールシーズン/オフィス/ブライダル/デート/ハンド - yu_uuiのネイルデザイン[No.1784472]|ネイルブック

ネイル デザイン 画像 598073


Pretty neutral natural color nails with a gold and silver bling. So beautiful looking.


ブライダル/ハンド/グラデーション/ホワイト/ジェルネイル - 白川麻里★神戸アンドネイルのネイルデザイン[No.873810]|ネイルブック

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