A Japanese curtain - Noren by ProjectBashoPhotoTourJapan2008, via Flickr

A Japanese curtain - Noren - The word noren usually refers to split curtains hung in front of a shop. It was once used to keep out the sun and dust but now it has many other uses, such as space dividers or decorations.

I have long noticed and wondered about the "banners" that hang, most noticeably to me, in Japanese restaurants, both outside & at the entrance to a kitchen. It appears they are called "noren" & their practicable use is as a room divider anywhere, not just for shops or places one cooks, though at the entrance to a kitchen is usually to contain smells & smoke. I am all the more inspired & would love to make one for the entrance to my kitchen! Maybe a pattern or painting w/ some kanji or…

A noren is a traditional divided curtain hung across the entrance of a shop or restaurant. During the Edo period, customers would wipe their hands on the curtain as they exited a restaurant, so a dirty noren was the sign of a popular business.

noren 暖簾

暖簾/のれん (noren), a traditional Japanese shop curtain, often with 家紋 (kamon) a family crest, or 屋号 (yagō), a trade mark.

blue white and orange. japanese design. japanese life. Noren - 直島(Naoshima)

瀬戸内旅情:直島編 (直島・豊島・小豊島

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