Vertical Garden - Great for Small Space Gardening

Outdoor Planter Projects Tons of ideas Tutorials! Including this diy vertical planter from 'ruffles truffles'.

Great light in this space.

An Acapulco Chair can add a serious statement to any space. Check out these rooms with Acapulco Chairs for design inspiration. For more design ideas and trend alerts, head to Domino.

Echeveria baby sugar

Echeveria baby sugar with donkey tail in the background. I love the red coloring of the plant =)

Garden Projects With Pots! • Tips, Ideas & Tutorials!

Garden Projects With Pots

I'm really liking the black pots--never thought of painting black! Garden Projects With Pots!

Veckans söndagssummering - v 19 - 2015

Veckans söndagssummering - v 19 - 2015 (Trendenser)

Donkey Tail Succulent Blooms.

~Donkey Tail Blooms~ Had one with gorgeous pink flowers that emitted a very thick sap.