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ツキウタ。公式(@tsukiuta1)さん | Twitter

ツキウタ。公式(@tsukiuta1)さん | Twitter

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Tsukiuta The animation. Minaduki Rui always has a calm and awesome approach to everything

Mutsuki Hajime

Hajime is probably the manager for the tsukiuta cafe I think

TBH, I don't care for September at all. He's just so plain and boring (is that type even something girls like/want?), and even his voice doesn't help him stand out. :/ It doesn't help that he also LOOKS generic af.

Tsukiuta The Animation, Surprise Me, Boy Bands, Anime Guys, Anime Art, Manga Art, Steven Universe, Death, Cute Boys

Tsukiuta The Animation, Anime Guys, Manga Art, Personality, Idol, Husband, Woodwind Instrument, Anime Boys