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The Leaf Tray

The Leaf Tray is a minimal design created by the South Korea-based studio SWBK. The tray features a natural wood grain of maple and a lifted curved edge along the sides as its aesthetic value

nendoが手掛けた天理駅前広場「CoFuFun(コフフン)」 完成 - インテリア情報サイト

Japanese studio nendo completed their first public space design, CoCoFun, at Tenri Station.

PC-0027 lounge chair

PC-0027 lounge chair

アメリカのカリフォルニア州で活躍するガラス作家Jack Stormsさんの創り出すフィボナッチ比率を用いた作品が息をのむほど美しいと国内外で話題になっています。本当に美しい!

Glass sculpture artist extraordinaire, Jack Storms has achieved serious recognition in both the public arena and the demanding world of fine art, since he op.