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Architect Builds Tiny 196 Square-Foot Dream House From Scratch Cash-strapped Idaho architect Macy Miller wanted a place of her own without the burdensome mortgage, so she decided to build a tiny house.

Architect / Construction Manager, living in Gifu, Japan. My daily Architectural Inspiration.

Built by Coy Yiontis Architects in Balaclava, Australia with date Images by Peter Clarke. The renovation and addition to this partly 2 storey home was designed to accommodate an extended family of eight on a.

Tatami & Landscape window


茶室 tea house, where to show proper respect for nature, one must bow one's head to see out the window

無印良品ステンレスひっかけるワイヤークリップ 4個入(税込400円)

無印良品ステンレスひっかけるワイヤークリップ 4個入(税込400円)

通り側から奥を見る。奥行きがあるため実際より広く感じる。 Optimizing that space for book storage, nice!




nt-archi もっと見る

this home by gradoli & sanz architects features two outdoor patios: one with an olive tree at its heart, and the other shaded and filled with vegetation.

© Mariela Apollonio Ricart house Valencia

Ricart House / Gradolí & Sanz



Couple Builds Tiny Home to Live in their Portland Backyard

That's right, "couple builds tiny home to live in their Portland backyard while they rent out their main house for income." Mike and Laura were recently featured in the Sustainable Business Oregon .

和室&こたつ (japanese room with kotatsu - a low wooden table with a heat source covered by a futon) in my dream home

和室&こたつ (japanese room with kotatsu - a low wooden table with a heat source covered by a futon)

iemo[イエモ] | リフォーム&インテリアまとめ情報

iemo[イエモ] | リフォーム&インテリアまとめ情報