Akira’s Kaneda Katsuhiro Otomo’s artwork digitally colored by Edward James.

芝山象嵌-鍔 Sword guard


virtual-artifacts: “ A rare shibayama inlaid ‘mille-fleurs’ tsuba (sword guard) of mokko form, each side decorated in the Shibayama style on a silver ground with a dense bouquet of mixed flowers including chrysanthemum, peony, hydrangea and sakura,.

芝山象嵌-鍔/tsuba Japanese sword mountings


A painting so excited to hear "tell" world of origin, Shibayama inlay "collar of the swords" during the Edo period 芝山象嵌-鍔/tsuba Japanese sword mountings


“ “Hiroshi Hirata is a Japanese manga artist best known in the United States for the samurai manga series Satsuma Gishiden. Hirata’s works belong to the subset of manga known as "gekiga” (“dramatic.

速水御舟「炎舞」 もっと見る

Hayami Gyoshu "Dancing in the Flames" I first saw it in this great book, filled with similar art from the same period: Contemporary Japanese-style painting by Tanio Nakamura

An inlaid box and cover By Kohei, Meiji Period Of rounded rectangular form, inlaid and carved all over with a ladybird crawling over a profusion of assorted blossoms including kiku, peony and hydrangea, tightly clustered among foliage, variously inlaid in mother-of-pearl, ivory and aogai, the interior and underside of rich nashiji, signed with a tsuishu-lacquer seal Kohei

An inlaid box and cover By Kohei, Meiji Period Of rounded rectangular form…