p-musette: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2007/11/american-sunrise/306357/

Illustrator Guy Billout was an inspiration for Adventures in Archi-torturia contemporary digi art print modernist graphic illustration

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マリメッコ/家 iPhone壁紙 Wallpaper Backgrounds iPhone6/6S and Plus Marimekko iPhone Wallpaper

マリメッコ/家 iPhone壁紙 Wallpaper Backgrounds and Plus Marimekko iPhone Wallpaper

Bell Peppers Health benefits: “All bell peppers have good stores of vitamin C and dietary fiber,” says Haas. “However, color does matter — both yellow and red peppers contain more than twice the amount of vitamin C found in green peppers.” How to buy: Like melons, peppers should feel heavy for their size. Look for those that are firm and have taut, glossy skin. Avoid bell peppers that have cuts or black/soft spots.

Summer Foods - Best In-Season Fruits, Vegetables

A list of 10 seasonal and locally available fruits and vegetables, complete with helpful tips for when to purchase them and what to do with them.