cool shadow from the lamp. It's in Japanese but I bet you could figure out how to do it

shadow created by a lamp. Could possible be programmed in a way that the object changes over time. what a neat idea. shadow + light are sculpture, too.


Book Jackets for F. Scott Fitzgerald novels designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith with Art Deco patterns. Love the use of metallic patterns on dark backgrounds

floral arrangements

Repurpose Old Fish Bowls – Creative Home Décor Idea

Easy, pretty idea for centerpieces for your wedding, shower, or dinner party. Fill clear glass bowls with all kinds of colorful flowers. Dot around some tea lights. It's simple and elegant.

おし花アートがかわいいの画像 | 【 新潟グラム 】 × デザインのお勉強

A funeral should be a celebration of life, this is beautiful. A Japanese Ad Agency Reinvents Advertising for Funeral Services Japan flowers death bones anatomy advertising



culturenlifestyle: “Fashion Illustrations Use Colorful Foods Artist Gretchen Röehrs composes ingenious fashion illustrations by models’ silhouette’s and couture garments with colorful food items.

食材を 刻んでみたら アートだね(画像)

special documentary photography issue about food. Lernert & Sander responded with this somewhat miraculous photo of 98 unprocessed foods cut into extremely precise cubes aligned on a staggered grid.

「Sparkling Bubbles Installation」 by  Emmanuelle Moureaux ★ 炭酸の気泡を視覚化したインスタレーションアート「Heritage Glass」  via DesignWorks > Creative

炭酸の気泡を視覚化したインスタレーションアート「Heritage Glass」

“Sparkling Bubbles” is an incredible installation uses 800 acrylic transparent spheres bringing the experience of the bubbles and sparkles of Coca-cola, created by artist Emmanuelle Moureaux

Bonsai Art

Artist Takanori Aiba (the bonsai tree house guy) is interviewed at My Modern Met. Click through to see his other work and hear what he has to say. This work is called "Ice Cream Packages Tower.


「ワンピースとタイツ」が阪急うめだにも限定ショップ - 渋谷パルコでは愛☆まどんな公開製作イベント開催 - 写真2

Japanese advertising for tights for the opening of a second shop of the brand at Shibuya Parco in Tokyo (March Same idea different colour scheme.

絵というのも素晴らしいし、模型というのも素晴らしい。 その両方の良さをひとつにした精密な建築立体ペーパーアート […]


絵というのも素晴らしいし、模型というのも素晴らしい。 その両方の良さをひとつにした精密な建築立体ペーパーアート […]