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Haute-Couture dress by Valentino!

Mariana Idzkowska by Justin Wu for L’Officiel Ukraine, model, fashion, editorial, fashion

Best friend photos I haven't done a photoshoot with @Jenn L Moore or @Crystal Chou. in ages :(

Best friend pic idea- get some cool shades and different colour bubblegum and you're in business!

@Paige Senecal

Cute best friend pictures for Kylie and Annie

best friend picture ideas

My little sister, my best friend and i just did this at my house and it was SO much fun! It was an awesome picture. Best friends forever CAPRI and HAILEE!

@ Amanda Albert...totally you! What a great idea for a Valentine's Day Card; particularly if your Valentine is far away!

Senior Picture Ideas - Use Grad Year

Surprise your friends by leaving this picture in a place they don't expect. They'll love discovering it once they arrive there ! Bubble Gum creativity with our best friends. This picture puts me in such a good mood.

3 people, Friendship, beach, heart. this is like what we did! say whaaaa!?! @trulyblonde97 @lindseyewells

3 people, Friendship, beach, heart picture I need to try

Gonna have to do this for the hubby...ann gift maybe? It says "love" ;)

interesting idea for valentines day or bridal gift from soon to be married couples It says "love" ;

storms don't last forever

start a roadtrip with your best friend

That was fun, and free booze and socialising and utmost: comfort with friends, 24 Oct, 2014.

Things for Drinks & Champagne are good friends