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Sake is an alcoholic beverage of Japanese origin that is made from fermented rice. Sake is sometimes called "rice wine" but the brewing process is more akin to beer, converting starch to sugar for the fermentation process. Beverage Packaging, Bottle Packaging, Brand Packaging, Packaging Design, Japanese Drinks, Japanese Sake, Drink Bar, Liquor Bottles, Bottles And Jars


It seems like everybody's got one lately. Here are a few:1.Matt Lee's Indian matchbox collection.2. The Sardine King's Sardine Label Collection.3. Colby Thueson's Oil Can collection, courtesy of his dad.4. A Sake roundup by Danish designer Julie Katrine Andersen.

 I'm told the name of this bottle is "white deer black pine" PDHakushika. I'm told the name of this bottle is "white deer black pine" PD Clever Packaging, Water Packaging, Beverage Packaging, Bottle Packaging, Brand Packaging, Design Packaging, Bottle Labels, Design Oriental, Sake Bottle

平野敬子 - 日本デザインコミッティー

Hakushika Sake Bottle | 平野敬子 - 日本デザインコミッティー

Sake Packaging Design - 20 Great Ones - Ateriet We dig deep in the world of Sake and have got 20 Great examples of Sake Packaging Design for you, check it out at Ateriet. Japanese Rice Wine, Japanese Sake, Japan Design, Design Web, Type Design, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Branding Design, Beverage Packaging

天領酒造オンラインストア|岐阜県飛騨 下呂温泉の酒造メーカー通販サイト


Japanese " Sake " is the japanese way of reading " alcohol ". Japanese sake is a alcohol drink made from a fermented rice. Japanese Rice Wine, Japanese Sake, Turning Japanese, Japanese Culture, Japanese Food, Japanese Design, Food Styling, Black Backgrounds, Nihon

Advertising - Sake

Sake (/ˈsɑːkeɪ/ or /ˈsɑːki/) is an alcoholic beverage of Japanese origin that is made from fermented rice.

this is sake a traditional japanese beer some say its good but to be honest its… Japanese Beer, Japanese Food, Japanese Design, Traditional Japanese, Types Of Packaging, Bottle Packaging, Packaging Design, Beverage Packaging, Whisky


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Grapefruit, Ginger, and Lemongrass Sake Cocktails. Good think grapefruit is in season! Perfect for summer cocktails and dinner parties Summer Drinks, Cocktail Drinks, Cocktail Recipes, Alcoholic Drinks, Beverages, Top Cocktails, Cocktail Ideas, Refreshing Cocktails, Japanese Cocktails

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Japan has about sake breweries spread out over every prefecture. Flavours range from earthy and musty to elegant and floral. Lewin Terrace provides a comprehensive list of sakes to pair with its beautiful Japanese-French fusion fare. Japanese Rice Wine, Japanese Sake, Turning Japanese, Japanese Culture, Japanese Food, Wine Drinks, Alcoholic Drinks, Beverages, Arte Do Sushi

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Complete Immersion: KAI Izumo Step outside to the outdoor bath and gaze at the moon while sipping on sake; a stylish way of enjoying bathing in a hot...

Sake is traditionally considered as a sacred alcoholic beverage. Be honored when the sake overfills the glass and flows into the box. Japanese Rice Wine, Japanese Sake, Japanese Culture, Japanese Food, Japanese Drinks, Cocktails, Alcoholic Drinks, Beverages, Amaterasu


小豆島の酒蔵でコップ酒。 私は運転手なので「写す」だけ〜。

Cute bottles of rice wine Liquor Bottles, Bottles And Jars, Glass Bottles, Beverage Packaging, Food Packaging, Packaging Design, Sake Bottle, Oil Bottle, Tea Design

さけがぁる ”べっぴん∞” | 食農ブログ|秋田県横手市


Japanese sake bottle "Kubota"/ my fav! Japanese Sake, Japanese Food, Sake Bottle, Rice Wine, Kubota, Zen Art, Chinese Typography, Ancient Beauty, Maneki Neko


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japanese "sake" Wine Label Art, Wine Labels, Beverage Packaging, Bottle Packaging, Label Design, Package Design, Sushi Night, Japanese Sake, Wine Down

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経営資源をデザインする。GRAPH が取り組むのは、ビジネスの役に⽴つ「経営資源となるブランド」の創出と育成です。デザイナーの北川⼀成をはじめ、プロジェクトをマネジメントする個性的なスタッフや各分野のプロフェッショナルとともに、創業以来培ってきた戦略的なブランディングを実践していきます。

The Sake Mojito. Make just like reg mojito but w sake. Good that its not strong Japanese Drinks, Japanese Sake, Japanese Food, Japanese Party, Cocktail Drinks, Cocktail Recipes, Alcoholic Drinks, Cocktail Club, Craft Cocktails

The Sake Mojito

Try something exotic and different. Sake is used instead of rum to make this refreshing and light Sake Mojito: sake, sugar, lime and mint.

Hyougetsu Sake Bottle - 書家 大橋陽山 Blog 『 瞬感 』 Water Branding, Japanese Sake, Wine Design, Beverage Packaging, Wine Label, Package Design, Innovation Design, Bottles, Water Bottle

hyougetsu.four - 書家 大橋陽山 Blog 『 瞬感 』

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