I will, one day, build and own a beautiful Koi pond. (Just make sure you don't put rocks on the bottom like in this photo! Your Koi will thank you for it.

Blue Seahorse

Spiny sea horse I love the color blue and I love seahorses so this image makes me happy. I don't want to make a still life of this, but I want to use the color and the shape. I also want to acquire a pet seahorse.

Puffer Fish

16 Ways to Finally Beat Bloat

Sea Jellies

Planning a Visit to Shedd Aquarium in Chicago I was in charge of Construction at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the ! million gallon fish tank. They also had a Jellyfish Exhibit.

Christmas Tree Worm - marine worm, commonly found in coral...⭐...

Christmas Tree Worm - marine worm, commonly found in coral. Saw these all over Thailand while diving and loved watching them.

Underwater world Jellyfish ♥

A jellyfish is essentially a floating mouth and digestive system. The jelly takes food in through its mouth and is digested in a sac-like structure which is located on the underside of its bell. Floating Mouth by perry aragon.

little squid by fabien michenet

Juvenile Sharpear Enope Squid (Ancistrocheirus Lesueurii) © Fabien Michenet / Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014

Beautiful Close Up Underwater Photos of Luminous Sea Creatures joshualambus 8 What a beautifully camouflaged Octopus in action.

Clown Fish in bubble coral *** These were my favorite salt water fish.....I miss my tank : (

Clownfish: the Most Popular Fish Under the Sea