The evolution of the logo.

The Past and Future of Famous Logos…

Funny pictures about The Past and Future of Famous Logos. Oh, and cool pics about The Past and Future of Famous Logos. Also, The Past and Future of Famous Logos.

This is probably how it was designed. really cool just wish the link attached had something else beside just the picture. like idk more information!

i know nothing of art or geometry (worst math class ever) but for some reason, i find this cool - Apple Logo deconstructed

Chanel Logo 1925

Chanel Fashion Logo Silver HD Wallpapers for iPhone is a fantastic HD wallpaper for your PC or Mac and is available in high definition resolutions.


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Vintage VW Logo Specifications Sheet — i have to have this as a poster

designspiration — vintage vw logo & brand specifications your creative logo designer

golden ration, apple logo

Great tips if youre graphically design inclined. Designing logos using the Golden Ratio aka utilizing the Fibonacci Number/Spiral

and the original

“Wolfgang Schmittel joined the Braun design department as a freelancer in August of Upon his arrival, he revised the Braun logo and also gave it a reduced, constructively comprehensible form.


I thought Kincho(company of mosquito coils) is, might be company of Beauty.