a beautiful array of blues, soft mint, teal, and maybe cerulean blue, gray with a lovely hint of peach or coral

Todays look – I wanna show you the world (Lindas Sminkblogg)

Makeup Tutorials... Not that I have green eyes, but I bet it would look good for both

12 Amazing Makeup Tutorials For Green Eyes

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Gorgeous Mermaid Eye Shadow Tutorial

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シワもシミもこれで消えちゃう!?手作りのローズマリー軟膏がいま大人気になってます♡ - M3Q - 女性のためのキュレーションメディア


今季は眉毛がメイクの要!トレンド顔になれる「ナチュラルふと眉」の作り方 | 女子力アップNOTE


I can not believe I only started to notice something about my eyebrow like 1 month ago. I could not remember if I have ever bought a eyebrow pen.

PPP is QQQ — kissinqfresh: even with your imperfections you...

Love the cat eye, brown eyeliner leaves a softer look THE CLASSIC - Eye Liner - Eyes - Shop Products - Charlotte Tilbury





世界で2番目に美しいAFTERSCHOOLのNANA!!一重を活かしたメイクとは - NAVER まとめ

世界で2番目に美しいAFTERSCHOOLのNANA!!一重を活かしたメイクとは - NAVER まとめ