Japan Tokyo sunset || Dan Kamminga

Tokyo- You need to live in the best environment if you don't want to get involved with defamation or negative action from bad neighbors.

Japanese Candies

Japanese Candies - Kintaro-Ame (Ame means candy) . Cut anywhere of the candy bar, you can see the same face.

Samurai armor details, Japan

WOT inspiration: / Samurai armor details, Japan - beautiful knots and stitches

Beautiful Mini 'fruit' candy.--great patterns, as well

fruit rock candy~ don't like sweets much but this looks beautiful and the Flavours are yum

☆ Koi-nobori

Celebrate the Children's Day make a carp streamer /Koinobori こいのぼり

Japanese nagashi somen, flowing noodles 流しそうめん

Nagashi Somen (flowing noodles) or cold noodle is a popular Japanese summertime party, and a way to combine a dinner party with a pool party:)) Fun!

SIMPLICITY| Japanese Style | yakumo saryo

Yakumo Saryo is a private, members-only restaurant designed and owned by Shinichiro Ogata. It’s in the most unexpected of locations in a quiet, suburban st