I think the style of this kimono is very striking as there is quite a contrast between the pale washed out pastelly purples and lilacs and the dark black background. I like the way tone is portrayed in the flower pattern because there is a use of darker colour to create a sense of tone and makes the design look 3D.

Japanese Fashion - Kimono- NOTE THE SHAPE especially the layering at the v-neck with thin silks and the petal furling of the robe and skirt. Also, sleeves add an interesting scarf/shawl/wrap dimension and could move interestingly.

I would like to get this Kimono as a gift for Pumpkin. This would fit her perfectly.

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Traditional Japanese Kimono- I'm taking a fashion design course and I'm studying things as traditional items in Japan to apply it during lessons

Japanese Kimono | Korean and Japanese Fashion

Japanese Kimono

Traditional Japan - mostly white with tiny details Japanese Kimono Korean and Japanese Fashion

Japanese summer kimono, Yukata. Color inspiration for the one I am buying

Kimono and yukata are considered as Japanese traditional clothes! And they are weared in the special festival all a year!

Das Schöne an Kimono und Obi ist, dass es eine unendliche Fülle an Farben und Mustern gibt! / The great thing about kimono and obi is the endless number of colours and designs!

kimono-nao: “ IKKO ” IKKO tends to take traditional color sets and layer them with regard to proportions and texture to make them very very modern. Here the obi (black) is wrapped with at least three.

Kyoto, Japan lσvє ♥ #bluedivagal, bluedivadesigns.wordpress.com

Japan - A Candid Moment Between Friends in Arashiyama, Kyoto (Photo by Branandtan)

furisode  furisode is a traditional formal kimono with long sleebs witch unmarried  woman wear .  A type of kimono for married woman is called "tomesode"  which has short sleevs with family crests on.

Japan The kimono must be one of the most recognizable national costumes but to the skilled eye there are nuances between the styles for marital status and occasion.