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a pink paper with the word miesder written in black ink on top of it
Letterhead, Mieder / Piesen
Letterhead, Mieder / Piesen; Published by Jahoda & Siegel (Austria); letterpress on pink wove paper; Gift of James Howard Fraser; 2000-68-15
an envelope with the words bauhus on it and blue writing in white paper
Herbert Bayer. Bauhaus Ausstellung letterhead. 1967 | MoMA
Herbert Bayer. Bauhaus Ausstellung letterhead. 1967
an envelope with writing on it
Bing Crosby, 1967 | Source
an old white paper with black writing on the front and back cover, which reads esqquite
30 Amazing And Legendary Letterhead Designs | Top Design Magazine - Web Design and Digital Content
an old document with some type of information on the front and back side, in black ink
Stichting Internationaal Toonkunstenaars Centrum Eduard van Beinum Letterhead, Stichting Internationaal Toonkunstenaars Centrum Eduard van Beinum (Foundation International Center Show artists Eduard van Beinum), 1960
the front cover of vanity fair, with blue writing on it's back side
a piece of paper with the words max braun frankfurt / markn on it in black ink
Peter Seitz: Designing A Life
▼ Letterhead design for Braun, Designed by Peter Seitz under the direction of Otl Aicher at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Ulm, 1950s. Part of a series of selected unpublished images from Peter Seitz: Designing a Life
an old envelope with red lines on it
w:spiral [工房らせん*コレアンダーの本棚]
Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin studio Letterhead, 1939
an official copy of the town peaks office of the mayor
Office of The Mayor, Twin Peaks | The letterhead of Dwayne Milford, Mayor of Twin Peaks. Letters written on this stationery were once sent to members of the Official Twin Peaks...
an orange book cover with the words ray charles on it and red writing in black
Letterheady showcase | David Airey | brand identity design
Ray Charles letterhead
an old black and white comic strip with many cartoon characters on it's side
レターヘッド・デザイン 世界の歴代レターヘッドから学ぶブランディング・デザインの世界 | BIRD YARD
the cover of john f kennedy for u s sentator, which is printed in red and blue