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an old record player sitting on top of a white table with clear plastic cover over it
audio 2 Kompaktanlage Dieter Rams | 1964
an old record player sitting on top of a white sheet with black and white images
Braun audio 2 1964
an old fashioned radio is shown on a white background
Dieter Rams : TP 1 radio/phono combination | Sumally (サマリー)
three postage stamps with the words braun, braun and braun in different languages on them
Basic Stamps — Duane Dalton
The online presence for graphic Duane Dalton. Dalton is passionate about minimal and reductive design qualities that communicate a clear and precise message. Dalton is a graduate of IADT, Dublin.
an old tv sitting on top of a black stand next to a white wall and floor
BRAUN Fernsehgerät HF 1 - 1958 - Tischgerät mit Stahlrohr-Untergestell, Design: Herbert Hirche
an advertisement for the stereo stereo player, braunner stereo - silvergrait alterler 3
braun on Tumblr
braun | Tumblr
an electric hair dryer sitting on top of a white table next to a black case
an industrial storage area with boxes and other items
In the Braun Archive, Kronberg, Frankfurt, Germany
an open book with pictures of electronic equipment
Lesen und Radio hören? Lassen oder Radio hören? (Read and listen to the radio? Leave or listen to the radio?) brochure, back, 1955
an electronic device is shown on a white surface with black knobs and wires attached to it
TS 45, Designed by Dieter Rams, 1962
an alarm clock sitting on top of a white table next to a black wire and plugged in
DN 40 electronic, Designed by Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs, 1976
an old japanese book with pictures of people in it
Design Magazine July, 1963-P2
an instruction manual for electronic devices with instructions on how to use them
Design Magazine July, 1963-P8
three different knobs on a white surface with black and green buttons in the middle
an old radio that is sitting on a table
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