Pouch Tutorial Part III by ~nimuae on deviantART

DIY pouch tutorial Part III (Bottom) by nimuae. This is what my friendship bracelet making was leading up to!

Macrame pouch tutorial - part 2

Pouch Tutorial Part II (Bottom) by ~nimuae on deviantART (second part to a pin I pinned a long time ago!

Pouch Tutorial Part I (Bottom) by ~nimuae

Macrame Pouch Tutorial - Part I: Start with Mandala Flower as bottom of pouch.

海外発!簡単ガーランドで作るクリスマスインテリア♡ - Locari(ロカリ)


Pom Flower

DIY Felt Pom Flower DIY Felt Pom Flower-- these would be cute for Christmas packaging - OR Ornaments :)

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