Maui, Hawaii...well I never seen any sunsets that looked like this when I was there. But Mauai is truly beautiful

10 Breathtaking Islands You Must Visit in 2017

Kyoto (京都市)

Ruriko-in Temple, Kyoto, Japan by Hisanori 東京カメラ部 Popular:Hisanori Manabe

神奈川県 鎌倉市*Kamakura JAPAN

Meigetsu-in temple, Kamakura, Japan: photo by Ichiro Hiura. This is really neat in that it is framed by the window. Just more ideas :)

SOGA Shohaku (1730-1781), Japan 曽我蕭白「石橋図」


SOGA Shohaku Japan 曽我蕭白「石橋図」not a clue of whats going on and why there are dogs in the air but I found it interesting anyway xD

天授庵 - 南禅寺 / Tenjyuan Nanzen-ji Temple by Active-U on Flickr.

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Tokyo Skytree (東京スカイツリー) もっと見る

The frandest and most worthy mission of the human race on Earth is to achieve the highest possible progress and advancement, with the greatest harmony.

「吉田博 (Hiroshi Yoshida)」