Japanese Matcha Green Tea Pudding for Dessert|2分で抹茶プリン


green tea treat, looks interesting!

Matcha roll cake: Beat yolks sugar until thick pale. Beat 3 egg whites with sugar until stiff. Fold the egg yolk mix into egg whites. Add ½ cup cake Flour plus matcha powder and.

pineapple bun

Pineapple Bun

Pineapple Bun (Polo Bun) - Very popular bun in Asia. Easy pineapple buns (polo bun/菠蘿包) recipe that you can try at home. Polo bun is tasty and crusty.


My good friend Joy ’s birthday was this past weekend and I wanted to make something for.

These flaky Chinese egg tarts are a common feature on Dim Sum restaurant menus

Flaky Chinese Egg Tarts - Commonly served at Chinese Dim Sum restaurants, the flaky crust sets this apart from your usual custard tart